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(Sqauwk) "At the tone, please state your name, your purpose for being here."BBBBeeeep.


Earth. Why are you here and what kind of difference can you make during that short stint?

The gigmaine field image,window view called life...are you getting the most out of the experience? What one big mind altering, eye opening, status quo shaking observation have you made recently that changes the course of your life? Did you just yawn?  It is your life right?

     Choices, considerations, patience and thirst, hunger to sample more ways to see what is missing? The number one underlying theme I hear over and over, see day today in running a Houlton Maine real estate office comes from emails, calls from outside or office visits to  "Vacationland". Folks that are not happy, not in their right place, anxious to fly the heck out of where ever they are currently parked on the planet.

     Some carrying tasers. Many bone weary, tired and wondering if a stroke, financial ruin is just a heart beat away. Sure they have super homes. Kids raising themselves and not home much either. Way over booked, thinnly stetched to be here, there, in every activity with the bottom line high entertainment experience. Having fun full time, wide open. Parents and kids both not home much. Rarely there and mom/dad working two jobs each to keep their nose above the day to day financial water line. Many tell you openly their credit is a disgrace. Scattered debris behind them with relationships with family, creditors, employment.


Venturing to a new land, to shake the etch-a-sketch to begin again. Fresh, a new start but armed with nakedly brutal learned lessons the hard way under their belt.

Gasping, trying to catch their breath, regroup and just figure how to slow the life conveyor belt down to something manageable. Or to shut it down totally for a spell. Some new age pilgrims wanting to be self sufficient, living off grid. Growing food that they know where it came from, that is devoid of sprays, gases, and who knows what else to make it pretty attractive. These folks are kind, sensitive, hard working but not wanting to live in a society where they feel each child is born with the need for attorneys to represent them. Smothered with regulation and high taxes where they live now. Just trying to simplify their lives.

     maine moose, moose familyAnd often the common request to just get away from people. Not because they are anti-social. But their hub bub, problems to date usually center around bothering their neighbor. Or being weary of hours and hours spent in needless traffic, or waiting in line for some product, service that robs precious life moments. Maine, with 11 people per square mile in Aroostook  County, this is what the largest of the state's sixteen counties is here for. To regroup, to enjoy the unspoiled, under populated four season beauty. To get away from wall to wall people. To spend some time with yourself and loved ones. To breath, think. To figure out life and the direction your feet should take day to day. Are you overwhelmed, over taxed, bewildered? Maine, get here quick as you can. You get everything you need, have gone without that really matters in Maine. | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • November 08 2009 10:33AM
(Sqauwk) "At the tone, please state your name, your purpose for…
Earth. Why are you here and what kind of difference can you make during that short stint? The gig called life… are you getting the most out of the experience? What one big mind altering, eye opening, status quo shaking observation have you… more
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