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Twitter, Tweet, Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dum...You Have A Cute Profile, Throw In A Clever Post Every Now And Then But...


Twitter this, twitter that. Twit, flit a bit, don't be a snit, have a wit or quit.

Is it the name that bugs or intrigues you?What if they had dubbed it Speak or Share? Not the same is it? It's like Dr Seuss named it, somthing directly out of one of the kid's books title wise. Every talking head on the tube reminds you to follow them on Twitter. You are onrear view mirror image,maine parade board the platform, part of the growing and ever changing social media site but still wondering why you are not doing cartwheels. So. Why Twitter is still not hard wired from daily use to enhanced, enrich your life day to day. Why Twitter is not welded, melted into your core DNA as part of how you connect, how you share, who you are for all to see.


You are overwhelmed. You don't have time. Or maybe you replace what you used to do with some new LSD devices / applications.

(Labor saving devices.) If you read the FAQ questions when you join. If you watch and see what other Twitterer's do. And if you read blogs about making the experience more helpful, useful and worthwhile, then you are ready to really buckle up. To then see what is under the hood, to unleash what has been missing. To boldly go where you've never been before. To shoot down the on Twitter exit on ramp and stream into the traffic, to feel the full potential of the evolving experience.

     Every talking head is raving about following me on Twitter/imabigshot/havesomethingworldshatteringtosay. To some it's cool, hip, happening. But to many it is surface and tip of the iceburg. You may be a member but in a "laughing nervously at a joke you don't really get" situation. Get you feet wet, take this air tank and regulator and dive in deeper. You've been a member for months and longer and it's time to take it to the next level, to start using it in your daily life. For you, is Twitter a distraction, intrusion or an enhancement? Or here is another site to bone up on Twitter..isn't it time? Are you afraid of Twitter addiction..that it will consume all of you? Just say slow. Do you feel your day to day life, the little things that happen between blog posts, emails, video embeds are worth chiseling out a quick smoke signal about? Tweet. Whistle it out. Do your life. "What's that all about?" says the Twitter skeptic. Consider it a micro blog...not a lot of fluff and seeing a different side of the new friends, of yourself. Follow me/follow you. Reinvent your life, do new things, sort out old habits and cruise your facilty, looking for slack and dead weight habits. As the Gen Y'er's all about experience, having fun, not holding back.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • October 07 2009 05:41AM
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