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Maine Winters Are Not So Long When You Join A Snowmobile Club & Socialize!

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Maine snow sled rides, poker runs, public suppers, silent auctions, dances with local music, children's christmas parties, beano, bingo and fun working on improving trails. 

Something for everyone so no reason to stay inside with a tv remote in one hand sitting on the couch while old man winter passes by slowly.

Join a local Maine snowmobile club.

Take a turn running the tucker or groomer.

Help finish off that bridge over a river, cut a new trail thru the brush.

Put up trail signage so tourists on Maine snowmobiles don't get lost.

Help them find gas, lodging, places to eat trailside without getting way layed in the willy wags. Or running out of gas and needing a call to the Maine Warden's service to locate out in the North Woods in Vacationland.

Snowmobiles are a big economic boost to the Maine economy!

The average sledder with the price of gas increase, spents close to $175 a day when you figure lodging, eating, gas, parts, sled registration, insurance and payment. 

But the sights you see, the wildlife, the cool fresh air, bright sunshine or entering a snow squal and being cozy smoki haulers, maine snowmobile club,winter recreation,mooers realty,its trails,tourism,oakfield,aroostook countywith your friends in a small log cabin in the woods with a fire going. 

Get serious about more excercise this winter.

Loading and getting a snowsled unstuck in new powder will help you work out.

To get into shape and develop an appetite too!

The new Katahin Cedar Log Homes product Oakfield Maine clubhouse for Smoki Haulers is just off Interstate 95's Exit 286 and easy to find. 

Come up for the day, the weekend or the week.

Plan to ice fish, get in  a little skiing, but riding thru expertly groomed trails no matter what Maine system you are on. 

ATV's are gaining popularity although every snowsled trail is not open for ATV usage as they can damage a field or rut up a road in early spring.  

With snowsleds, the trail in on the top of layers of snow and frozen ground so damage is minimal if riders stay on the trail.  What are trails in Maine like before you get here? The Maine Snowmobile Association has the skinny on where the winter trail riding is best!

Another site more focused on this northern end of the state of Maine is outlined at this snowmobile trail site. Signage on the ITS trails is also not just to help sledders locate gas and vittles.

There are safety concerns with linneus snosports,snowsled club,snowmobile trails,snowsleds,mooers realty,sled clubs,its reportspart of a Maine lake that is not frozen.

And a bridge that may be under repair or in an area of wood harvesting where sharp corners and big trucks coming at you on a fast moving sled can mean danger or death.Or a costly accident.

The signage for sharp corners, bridge ahead, trucks entering all help the Maine snowsled tourist that is passing thru know what to prepare for. 

The new machines have liquid cooling so heated radiation strips under your feet, heated handlebar grips and electric thumb warmers. 

You can hide behind the windshield but with a sled helmet and face shield, turtle fleece neck warmer and the right jacket, bib pants and gloves,you do not need to be cold.

linneus snosports, snow sled club,mooers realty,trail reports,snowmobile,aroostook county,houlton maine,groomersMainers don't hibernate or spend the winters on the couch waiting for spring! 

The Linneus SnoSports is  pictured to the right.

Has a neat stone fireplace to warm up to and lots of club members to get to know.

That are friendly, helpful and share the same love of snow sledding in Maine.

That work hard to make trails safe, varied, fun to explore for the entire family.

The days of tinker for two hours to use the antique snow sled that had a narrow ski stance are over.

No reason to smell like gas, have to do major overhauls on the Maine ITS trails to limp back home with the machine you left home on.

Those days are history and comfort is the rule of the day on a Maine snowmobile, snow sled.

meduxnekeag ramblers,snowsled club house,cary lake,littleton,aroostook county,mooers realty,its trails,groomer,snowmobile The Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snow Sled Club Covers The North/West Section Of ITS Trails Around Houlton, Maine!

You See Their Well Light Groomer Going At All Hours Across The Fields And Thru The Woods of Aroostook County Maine! 

Come Sample The Fine Food (Breakfast Most Saturdays During Sled Season). 

And Fun Times With Poker Runs, Cross County Skiing Around The Clubhouse And Moosestompers Weekend!

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides For The Whole Family!

These Sled Clubs In Littleton, Oakfield And Linneus Are Rentable For Family Functions Like Weddings, Reunions And Parties Too! What A Setting ! Next To Cary Lake! Come See What You Are Missing!

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Any season, find your space in the place call Maine.

 I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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