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Capture The Area Where You Sell Real Estate...Take Camera Safety Off...

    Carry your camera everywhere you go...cause you never know when wildlife, sunset, or better image of the property you listed a few months ago comes up...don't get caught without your camera.  If you have a huge one...get a little guy you can slip into a pocket and be on the war path for better images in the area you serve Sunset Thru Maine Farm Trees mooers realtyand of the property you market.  The better your imagery and that of every other broker in your area, the more sales all will enjoy.  You are a cheerleader for your corner of the world...your place in the sun.  Brag it up, take images to their best perspective so others get excited as they tour the area on line...a super image may make the difference of whether they make the trip with $3 gasoline in the back of their mind making them hesitant these days. Give the viewer eye candy.  If every local broker stocks the shelves of and their real estate websites, it starts a stampede of folks wanting to make the trip.  Maine is a beautiful state with so much to capture that will interest and captivate folks that are not use to the unspoiled beauty of this off the beaten path part of the country.  Find something in your area that you can get excited about and capture for others to catch the enthusiasm.  If you are not adventuresome in your imagery and write mars hill mountain foiliage with fog in wind farm,mooers realtyup

how is John Q Citizen going to get cranked up and excited enough to call, email or come north to knock on your office door with funds in hand to make that purchase? | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 29 2007 10:03AM
Capture The Area Where You Sell Real Estate… Take Camera Safety Off…
Carry your camera everywhere you go… cause you never know when wildlife, sunset, or better image of the property you listed a few months ago comes up… don't get caught without your camera. If you have a huge one… get a little guy you can… more
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