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Lifestyle Videos, Share The Local Sizzle With Real Estate Buyers.

Lifestyle videos for real estate buyers who don't know jack about the local events, friendly people that roam around the property listings.

Why should the real estate buyer move and relocate or at least invest in anything for sale on the current market?maine jeep fun photo

Not everyone is Johnny On The Spot and jack rabbits into quick real estate buying decision making.

One by one the neighborhood and community blog posts add to the local canvas picture.

Which can be pretty stark and all white. Just a blank canvas in small rural areas  where the online information is a little scarce.

Just not put online for all to see.

The local video community tours create the buzz, share the flavor of the small town surroundings.

With the never been to the burg buyer and also help give a shot in the arm to the locals living and enjoying this part of the country. It should not be a case of having to visit Maine first and then start thinking about buying properties if that experience is a positive one. That puts a hold, causes a delay on everything if the listing buyer has to clear his schedule, make expensive travel plans and log lots of miles to get what he or she needs. The buyer is looking for lifestyle enhancement, a positive experience beyond just a best fit for property listings from the real estate pool.

Taking the real estate buyer to the events in a small community pays dividends in quick and easy information transfer that puts their minds at rest. Because we all realize the unknown in life is the by far scariest thanks to vivid imaginations.

Because you treated the buyer like a traveler not a stranger who is neglected, trust is established, friendship grows because they feel special and included. Local community videos give the buyers a reason to stay on your websites, blog posts and all your media channels. Video helps users serve themselves around the clock on their timetable no matter how tight or wherever they may physically be at the moment. Videos beam the buyer to the local community over and over. Never once and done with video show and tell. If the real estate broker shoots, edits, renders, uploads lots of  video local events.

Small town interviews with the local folks who live in a small Maine town help assure the out of town real estate buyer that purchasing property in this market is a great idea. No need for the hand wringing and sleepless night worries. Because it is always low prices tasty. Safe surroundings that are unspoiled and four season gorgeous happens in Maine. It is weaved together with the lifestyle videos mix.

What do you do for fun where you live? The local community events served up using video show and tell. To wed the two. To go with the sizzle of what's cooking locally in the community setting around the property listings with the real estate for sale in Maine using the magic of video.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Lifestyle Videos, Share The Local Sizzle With Real Estate Buyers.
Lifestyle videos for real estate buyers who don't know jack about the local events, friendly people that roam around the property listings. Why should the real estate buyer move and relocate or at least invest in anything for sale on the current… more
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