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Ever Inherit A Cat, An Animal From A Real Estate Home Sale?

The home sale in Southern Aroostook County, the cat was not making the trip south to Florida.

The couple were relocating, I listed the home for sale. And learned the gray and white cat that followed me around during the shooting of stills and video loops to edit. That he was not making the trip to the pack it  up and point the buck board to beeline to the Sunshine State.

Hero was a perfect blend to add to the one tiger cat my youngest had picked out at the local Hollywood Pet Salon. The little gray tiger and Hero got along famously from the get go like soul mates. Meow. Don't worry, like Bob Barker all reminded us on the spin the big wheel and try to figure out the right price, both cats won't be furthering their feline line. houlton maine home cat photo

My neighbor kept exclaiming about how I had to meet the new cool cat that they named Steve that just came to them on his own four paws.

I finally did see Hero outside and next door grinning ear to ear. Who Kim dubbed Steve was AKA Hero. Serving up two dinner dishes and holding down the cat duties at two households with a pretty smooth alias second life.

The cat also has wandered inside the Katahdin Trust Bank next door. Waiting for the lobby door to open and whisk in to say hi, take the tour.

The tellers, bank crew when they arrive at work to count the pennies or leave when the quitting steam whistle blows. Always stoop down to talk in a high pitch and scratch behind his ears, pat his head as he purrs. Nudging and encouraging them to not stop.

This houser cat has hopped in an open window on a warm summer delivery day. Under cov er, with the mail man who tools in with the sliding door jeep modified route vehicle that covers this part of town in the local zip code of Houlton Maine. houlton maine cat hero

Have also had an appraiser or two doubled back after stopping by for comps and to bone up on a new assignment for home assessment valuation.

Startled out of his wits when he heard purring, looked in the rear view and over his shoulder and there ta da ... a cat in the 'er, back seat of the car.

And returning to the real estate base. Asking me, do you own a gray and white cat with a lot of personality, very little fear of strangers?

Yes. Yes I do. That would be Hero that you have met. Who spent his first year of life fending for himself in a barn.

He does not talk about that experience much as he munches on his Friskies. He also always defers the lady cat Allie. Who always gets to eat first as the alpha cat of the household and because she staked out the perimeter to hold down the fort first I guess.

Picture from this weekend like two radar units to model the Houlton Police Department cruiser that sometimes does the same stance.

On stealth mode, crunching low. Waiting for the license and registration request, the little talk and question about how fast do you think you were going, or where's the fire, or I clocked you at a velocity over the local number for this section of roadway.

Tucked away, slightly angled and putting down the speeder drag net. My real estate office in Houlton Maine is 32 feet from my primary residence. And to hang onto cats on this busy a US Rt 1 four lane highway, took several little talks with both the gray and white and silver tiger strip green eyed, four legged kitty cats. We had the little talk about cat nip, they know the dangers and pretty much only imbibe during the holidays when the red velvet suit with the white as snow fur trim does the touch and down present stop to grab the carrots, for the drop stop milk slurp, a bite or two of left out with the note cookies.

Post the picture. Of something besides a garage sale item from the home relocation moving sale. Ever inherit something live, bring home an animal from a real estate listing property sale?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



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