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The Real Estate Buyer Is In A Waiting Room, Hotel Lobby, Airport.

The location of your real estate buyer, the device they are using, their unique emotional needs dictate how to create the media feed.

That you slice, dice, cook up deliver with a hot and ready information sizzle. Real estate is not just one house after another blur of sameness meal if the broker listing them creates a stand out combination of helpful, detailed print, imagery and video. Use your writing skill, image/video presentation marketing tools wisely. When building something solid and worthwhile for the real estate audience.think before making the cut photo

Make it something that sparks emotion. Somewhere deep down inside the real estate buyer that grabs their attention. Holds their interest.

Stirs and builds desire that leads to the jump start their heart call to action.

You gotta get this new real estate listing to the property closing to cause a successful transfer. And the busy buyer is easily distracted with little time to themselves.

Too often the bugle charge surge into the process is lunged into without the make believe you the agent or broker are out in the audience.

Or the saw horse in the picture. Play safe. Think customer. Get up from the desk and move around to the other side. Sit down but don't get too comfortable oor fall asleep. Put yourself on the receiving end of the marketing message presentation.

It is easy to forget. Especially if you the real estate agent hand it all off to some assistant. Rewind to step one to void using your rubber eraser. When the listing agent or broker is on the way back from the property the development of the unique presentation for the hey guys and gals look over here. Check out this new property for sale. It begins at the property not back at the office. With serious consideration of who is the best candidate for this piece of real estate listing. The most pleasant memorable UX is no accident, no hit or miss maybe you do or don't proposition. looking for real estate fishing photo

You shoot images,  video loops, take great detailed notes about the property features, room sizes, property boundary lines, floor plan layout while at the same time "seeing" who the buyer is going to be.

For the light bulb moment I know who is a good candidate for this new listing from the real estate buyer database. 

You start the mental sketch of the real estate suspect.

The seller of the real estate listing is counting on you champ. (Ding ding ding) Now go get them.

Get up off the little corner stool and come out swinging. Not blindly but with precision.

Let's try to end it in the early marketing rounds. Because time is money for everyone in the process if pushed into the ropes, thrown down on the canvas.

The lady relaxing in the boat is thinking  I wanna live on a lake full time or buy a part time water front camp. She's about to google Maine water front properties for sale. The  man fishing is thinking where would I be if in the water with gills. If I was a land locked school of salmon on this particular lake at this very time of day to reel in the couple's supper. The black lab is listening to the lake loons, smells BBQ steak grilling and is getting hungry for a big heaping bowl of MMmmmmm good Gravy Train or Big Red.

It's okay to talk to yourself when alone in the ride back from the 123 Morning Glory Circle new listing.

Knowing, seeing, talking to your buyer out in the audience is key. Rehearsing the ad lib conversation you are going to have for real as you go down through the real estate prospect list. But also realizing where he or she is when they learn about it. Where are they and what pockets of precious time are available for you? To have a one sided conversation that makes them feel like you are talking to them because you are. Using a variety of devices, lots of platform channels.maine lake front properties photo

But it is not just property information on the real estate the prospective buyer is searching for on the smart phone or tablet in the doctor's office waiting for the kid getting a new stiffer wire, different colored elastics for their braces.

Or sitting in their idling car outside the gym or inside on the bleacher bench when they arrive toward the end of practice to pick up Jimmy or Jane. Maybe parked in a doctor's waiting room medical appointment for themselves, kids, elderly parents. Delayed at an airport, hanging around in a hotel lobby killing time until the rest of the gang spills out of the elevator floor marked with the lighted star "L".

Which current property listing fits my lifestyle and pocketbook best?

The description, all the marketing media makes the which one to pick easy peasy. In my small rural real estate market in Maine, the tell me about the local area first has to happen before the focus shift on to actual property listings filtering process. To play the game "one of these things is not like the other" they learned in childhood on PBS. Read more in the article on marketing Maine real estate.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew F Mooers, ME Real Estate Broker | 207.532.6573

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The Real Estate Buyer Is In A Waiting Room, Hotel Lobby, Airport.
The location of your real estate buyer, the device they are using, their unique emotional needs dictate how to create the media feed. That you slice, dice, cook up deliver with a hot and ready information sizzle. Real estate is not just one house… more
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