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Are Your Feathers Easily Ruffled? Using A Carrot Or A Stick These Days?

Do you give others a wide berth...or are you in a bumper car that is constantly getting hit and you did not see it coming?

maine rural countryside photoDo you carry a carrot in your pocket or are you armed and ready with a big stick with the safety off? 

Do you bask in the sun and enjoy the moment...or are you loaded down with American Tourister issue baggage that keeps opening and robbing you of peace, contentment, joy?

Well with all the talk of depression with agents around the countryside...maybe inventory of how you operate each day is in order.  Where do you live?  At the office? In the city? 

In rural America?  Are you where you should be on the planet?  In a comfortable rut..with beautiful surroundings, quality housing, above average kids and still a hole of something missing in your gut? When you stop to realize there is a nagging deep inside and a clock ticking in the background?  Reduce, simplify, let go ...kinda like control, alternate, delete. Get to Maine.

Doesn't mean pack up the mate and kids and head to the mountains to be like grizzly Adams...but maybe your life is in water way over your head.

But you suddenly just looked around to see where you are.  And wonder how did you get here?  Like the Talking Head's song about my beautiful wife, my big automobile. Something about there is water at the bottom of the ocean.

(Cranking head round and round..but not like in the exorcist and no green fluids involved). Now don't do anything rash...but by the time you get to a certain age where you finally know yourself. Have a pretty good handle on all your array of strengths, weaknesses.

Feel the sun?

The what makes you tick..and how you were "shaped" by your parents, your genetics and your surroundings.

That's when you might say "Martha..we're outta here. We are loading up the Yugo. Heading to the small town life of rural America". Pick, seriously consider Maine. The place with the space.

Unfold that map, pin the tail on the property and make the move to an area where life is simpler, choices are fewer, options may be limited...but simple,

Not overwhelming. 

Isn't this small town life the way most of America was years ago?  Feel the sun on your shoulder, smell the clean air, see the bluer than blue sky...and listen...just wind in the pines...natural sounds.  Could you handle the slower pace? The not action packed moment to moment you may be living now? 

Can you just be a plain old garden variety duck or must you be a peacock for all to see?

Maine, simple living happens here. Not one out to impress, make others envious or drool with desire. Does not work that way. Maine, drop dead naturally gorgeous. Don't keep her waiting, get here quick like a bunny.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 17 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 20 2007 09:47AM
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