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Okay...Relax (Taking deep breath) Look At This Shape..What Do You See?

Custom Made Maine Pothole

Nooo..its not a bird...or a is a regulation, honest to goodness home made Maine and in color..what the state prefers to call a "Pavement Deficiency".   With frost coming out of the ground, with rain water pounding the pavement, this happens in the weakest places.  Like fiddleheads, potholes may be unique to cold weather states that realtors pound the pavement in.  Some of them are bottom less. Whole front ends can shutter if you are a little distracted and get sucked into one...BOOM..."What was that noise...did we get just get hit with a scud missle?"  Now if you run a tire or front end business....well now...these babies are your bread and butter...some roads look a little like they were carpet bombed with a low flying B-52...however, look it as a slalom around...(providing no on coming traffic) to avoid, something to keep you awake and off the cell phone.  Think of it like asteroids if you were in a star ship Klyngon Bird of Prey space ship with the cloaking device off...or a mine field if you were in boot camp black flies during certain times of the year, they come with the territory.  The good news...we don't have hurricanes that whip mobile homes into another township two states away, or poisonous insects or high level crime.  Maine is the 4th lowest crime state in the nation. Maybe the extra care in avoiding potholes that can sneak up on your on the byways of the state make our eyes even keener to look out for other things happening in the landscape! | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 0 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • April 04 2007 12:06PM
Okay… Relax (Taking deep breath) Look At This Shape.. What Do You See?
Nooo.. its not a bird… or a continent.. it is a regulation, honest to goodness home made Maine Pothole… live and in color.. what the state prefers to call a "Pavement Deficiency". With frost coming out of the ground, with rain water… more
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