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Living In A Small Maine Town...

Country living puts you closer to nature.

Less traffic, little crime and wide open space full of wildlife and scenery not people forces you to spend time with yourself. To be able to hear yourself think. maine small town land photo

In real estate, small Maine town price tags hanging on the property listings are lower to the ground too.

So all the extra layers of players you find in a larger metropolitan real estate marketing arena are gone.

Making a living as a property stager on a house selling for $37,500 just does not happen.

You don't see the expensive time delay and like life in a small Maine town.

Living without debt is the goal in small Maine towns.

Small or no mortgage payments happen when there are not a lot of zero places in the price of property in small Maine towns. And land is plentiful, in large supply and so affordable. Build your own and go slowly with hand's on DIY underway.

Lots of bartering too with the jobs larger than one man sized happens in small Maine towns on a daily basis.

Lots of scratching other people's backs and the payment is something homemade like pie, a craft personalized to the receiver you appreciate having for a friend.

We learn from nature being in the great outdoors so much. And that we protect it. Should be humble, are just a speck and here a short time to learn to learn all we can. maine property real estate truck photo

To glean what our older family generations instill in us as important.

To never lose track of and what is critical to life's happiness and contentment is simpler.

Yesterday, I was on a luxury real estate site as we study site navigation, how other agents promote and provide the property listing and local community information.

And as you study the images of cavernous, room sized walk in closets, two or more per bedroom, and eight bathrooms for a three bedroom home, it shows how different country mouse and city mouse are. In what is important.

Instead of a 100 pairs of shoes per side of those walk in closets, our property listing imagery is of hundreds of acres of land. aerial maine land farm photo

An open porch for fresh air discussions with family and friends for free not 55 minutes pay with a credit card plastic swipe for the life coaching from a stranger.

I like to visit cities and travel but would not want to live in one full time.

We list and sell more properties because smaller profits are what happen at real estate closings.

Part you make less, spend less and come out ahead when you add in all you get for free in small Maine town country settings.

In small Maine towns you work an event, not pay for a ticket to attend it.

There is a connection and we all need each other. When a volunteer moves or dies, you feel the loss. Have to move closer to fill the gap. Eight out of ten people don't live in a small town. Which group are you in or have you straddled both lifestyles?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 10 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • November 15 2016 04:31AM
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