Maine Real Estate For Sale !


Homesteading On Land In Maine, Waterfront Property.

The desire to high tail it out of the city where eight out of ten people hang their hat.

Chase the dollar but would rather answer the call from the wild. That pulls them to the outdoors, wide open spaces of a vast state like Maine. Ever thought of homesteading on land in Maine and how would 15 acres on the Mattwamkeag River grab you? More information on land for sale in Bancroft Maine.

And this Northern Maine land offering has a tiny house on in maine for sale photo

Insulated, a loft for laying your head in bed.

A smallest pot belly wood heater that more than does the job in this small square footage living option.

Your living room is out doors. You cook on an open fire.

Four seasons is spent filling your lungs with fresh air.

Feasting, filling your eyes with all the visual candy delights.

And no people to mess it up.

S-P-A-C-E ! That Maine is famous for and why people come back again and again for more. Think homesteading on land in Maine, a waterfront property is for you? Come try it on, take it for a test spin. Watch the embedded video below for a show and tell taste of the 15 acres of land in Maine on a river.

Use this Bancroft Maine land for sale for vacations, for those hunting and fishing trips. As a base to explore in a very wide circle all this Aroostook County land offering provides for very little money.

Buy collectively with your sporting buddies and whoa. Low cost, high return recreational property in Maine. Everyone enjoys spending time in Maine. But the best part of a vacation is looking forward to it, looking back at the images on the refrigerator and fireplace mantle. Collected, preserving the pure, all natural memories made in Maine.homesteading on land in maine photo

So you decide, vacations for now, eventual homesteading and full time living off the grid in Maine.

Ideal investment of Maine real estate either way you go.

No matter which direction you push the 15 acres of land, the Maine tiny house in to improve your life.

That's what it is all about at the beginning, end of the day right?

Managing the woodlot, the renewal-able resource for heating fuel just makes sense. More on tree growth plans and this "tree farming" forest land management. Be a "son of a birch" and feel good getting away from, letting go of foreign oil dependency. Declare your independence from high energy prices.

Come tramp the mixed wood lot, see the property markers, how well surveyed this land in Maine for sale is.

And the best part? Your own 470' feet on the Mattawamkeag River to sit next to, paddle down, wet your line and pull out a fresh fish dinner.

Watch video for Lot 2, 15 Acres Of Bancroft Maine River Land for sale.

Less than $30K and other land in Maine options to fit any budget, all your property listing needs. Whether buying, selling, MOOERS REALTY is ready to serve you best. One example. We have more. Here to help. But try it out, just consider what if for a minute. Homestead on land in Maine, a waterfront property and see the positive change in your life could happen if the timing is right.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Homesteading On Land In Maine, Waterfront Property.
The desire to high tail it out of the city where eight out of ten people hang their hat. Chase the dollar but would rather answer the call from the wild. That pulls them to the outdoors, wide open spaces of a vast state like Maine. Ever thought of… more
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