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Pick Up Window, Real Estate Information Trays Served Here.

Whip it up, dish it out, creating fresh real estate information to feed the property listing hungry public.

Like any menu, something for everyone's taste better be on it. But what is served up has to be hot and ready to match the time table of the buyers or sellers. Because they don't operate on the 9-5 limitations used by real estate dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth.real estate information food photo

The buyers in our real estate audience are all after some of the same things. Lots of different information with questions needing complete answers.

Resources on the websites of property listings round out the presentation and online experience for the user who better be able to navigate your site easily.

Without using the back button or finally closing up the lap top, pushing away from the desk top or sliding the mobile device like a smart phone in their pocket.

Blogging on the juicy, tasty subjects rounded up for inspiration to hunt and peck gleaning the FAQ.

That's what people want. So for the recreational waterfront buyer, informaton on shoreland zoning is critical and on their minds before they buy. What can I do with this property after a purchase is what holds up the show for them buying it. Running back and forth to the kitchen or pantry as many times as needed.

A Maine land woodlot buyer want to know about tree growth laws and forestry plans. The first time home buyer financing bank loan information to feed on is what they order up and need to see in the blog post series. Rotated in and updated on a regular basis like the blue light special, the what's up on the chalk board today for dining. Like a slice of home grown local school information with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream on top today?serving up property listing pizza pie photo

Many of our buyers for real estate listings stay where they are to work out of state but want a vacation property, a second home.

Others save up and make the leap moving to Maine to start a farmstead.

But for those needing work, blog posts on Houlton Maine employment , getting a job are the asked for selection off the up o date information menu.

Something good to chew on and to satisfy the thirst with always free refills.

And designed to stop, cure for now the hunger for real estate property listings and all the other special diet requirements that go with them for side dishes to the main course. Tto help the process of getting what they need for property listing of all types, locations, prices.

Like property listings fast food deliveries of slow cooked just the way each likes it best.

But also the extra helpings of  supporting real estate and local community information to go with it on the data platters we serve up loaded and piled high with images and video garnishes designed to give them what they want but without wasting anyone's time.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Pick Up Window, Real Estate Information Trays Served Here.
Whip it up, dish it out, creating fresh real estate information to feed the property listing hungry public. Like any menu, something for everyone's taste better be on it. But what is served up has to be hot and ready to match the time table of the… more
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