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Entertaining House Guests Over The Holidays, Got S-P-A-C-E ?

Entertaining inside a tiny house would be a stretch, but the old Victorian homes in Maine were built for large families, entertaining on the weekends.

Everyone did not run away from home to work, then to dine out, hit the malls back before the Internet or Interstate and big box mall stores or drones delivering packages from Amazon within hours of the touch, tap tap, swipe ordering from a smart phone.houlton maine homes for sale

Cutting the rug, shaking your groove thing. Big ball rooms on the third floors were used for dancing right at home not at a bar dance hall setting five towns away.

The front foyers finished in handcrafted wood work, beveled glass windows and mirrors and coat rooms to handle the up onto the porch foot traffic from the communitiy neighborhoods. Where home owners took turns hosting parties at their "castles".

Board games, murder mystery sketches, retiring to smoke a pipe or cigar or catch up on grapevine news using all the large areas of the multi room smashers built for way way more than 1.6 kids per family that owned them.

Now a days many rent church halls, office space, Elk's and snow sled clubs or commercial establishments with area big enough to put on the wedding, holiday, birthday, whatever occasion parties.

Maybe because homes too small, too messy, the property owners too tired to entertain where they roost. houlton maine homes interior photos

The formal dining room in a 5-3-1 ranch home, where is it again? Oh, there is a dining area at the end of the kitchen. Got it. Well if it does not rain, retreating to the open deck for outdoor dining is an option. If the weather man agrees with the plan Stan.

We have lots of home buyers that snatch up the grand older homes and not because they need the six or more bedrooms.

Many have empty nests but want the space for when the kids do flap their wings and return to home base. Or home offices, telecommuting is big with the signals flying, zinging through space back and forth to work from residences. Instead of fighting bumper to bumper traffic with other drivers inching along the beltway and not so happy about the grid lock during rush hour drive time.maine home inside photo

 Some want big homes thinking about B and B's, inns for the weary vacationers or for extended stay letting out the rooms with kitchen privileges to professional swooping in for temporary work assignments.

As the holiday season unfolds for another year, home owners do look around at their current housing space allotment.

And some decide we need more square footage, or have too much space and getting lost inside our homes. Or like the porridge the girl with hair of gold purred about that is just right. Lake homes with large open or glassed porches create the space for family gatherings too. But otherwise, out on the patio, open deck or on a lake dock sitting watching a sunset with loons singing and unplugging, to recharge and hear yourself think. Getting below radar to unwind.

houlton maine victorian homes interior photoWinter, holiday listing properties and the real estate peddling continues because folks lives don't stop because of tinsel, red and green ribbon and peanut brittle or egg nog.

In fact many are freed up and warming their hands huddled around the glow of the lap or desk top or tablet.

Gawking, listening, learning about new listings for sale online where parking is never a problem and the selection, the hours to tour properties with videos is superb. Don't pull back the marketing levers during the holidays. Keep the coal poured on full throttle and reap the benefits from end of the year frantic to buy for income deduction ax reasons.

Or real estate servicing those relocations to new jobs home buyers. Or helping those in the house carriage houses for victorian home storage photoselling group, that need to stop heating, insuring, plowing, maintaining and worrying themselves sick about an estate sale empty home that has to go go go.

For closure on the loss of a family member who used to live in the sticks and bricks.

Don't ignore those folks or tell them see you in June, somewhere down the line because you hibernate for the winter months and your heart just is not in the list, twist, sell (repeat) drum beat due to cooler temperatures.

Some of the hunger for more space is not bedrooms but out buildings, carriage houses, barns. To store and use the extra space for lifestyle pursuits and hobbies. In small rural towns like Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea and Barney call home, the city mouse can not resist the low to the ground property price tags. Being able to buy a property listing in rural simpler surroundings that they could never hope to own in the concrete jungle suburbs.

Think customers, real estate buyers. Maybe they need a job first to be able to relocate, to buy a new home listed in your service communities. Blog about your home town information to those out of town travellers that need the chamber of commerce knowledge before the eenie meenie miney moe property listing selection from the current real estate for sale in your burg. Happy Holidays Active Rain family of real estate bloggers!

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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