Maine Real Estate For Sale !


What The Real Estate Buyer Does For Fun With Property.

The experiences the real estate buyer enjoys because the property has right features on their hand crafted wish list. When the real estate listing is responsible for the lifestyle pursuit success, there is a strong connection that leads to a sit down or through the mails closing. maine outdoor blueberry photos

The property in Maine sells itself because the match is perfect. It works, it creates the lifestyle the buyer is after.

What do you like to do for fun, what past time soothes the nerves, trips your trigger?

What could you never do where you live now that you wished you could?

And are ready to make the move to find what is not available wherever the real estate buyer hangs his or her lid.

Something is missing in the life of so many urban real estate buyers.

Because they can not get what they need with all these people around them. Angry, stuck in traffic, not making eye contact and worried about safety, delayed schedules. No space and lots of population and here comes the heavy regulations in permitting of do this, don't do that. When crime sirens are never turned off. But tone deaf and nose deaf to the not so pleasant sounds and smells of a city are just accepted as it is this way everywhere.

In small Maine towns, the real estate property listings are cheaper, the space is large and the people are friendly.

The cost of living is low and the what do you do for fun is more home made, outdoors, all natural. Not something that large handfuls of money are thrown at something for entertainment that is like continuous coins in a slot machine that takes, does not give much fulfillment that lasts back. maine lighthouses off bar harbor photo

We have buyers looking for a farmstyle real estate setting. The know where it came from farm to table food.

Others are after small Maine housing. Less house, lots of Maine land around it for space that is like unlimited water when riding on a horse with no name.

Give me water. Some real estate buyers want to do part time vacations, in retirement spent on a Maine lake fishing.

Or chasing the white ball, the deer with a tail that same color. Run Bambi run! We shoot our Maine game looking down the barrel of a wide, long angle camera lens. Maine eye candy... we keep adding to the dish for those with optical sweet tooth for Maine image seekers.

So sure a new step saver kitchen with plenty of work space in the favorite covering of cement, granite, laminated wood chopping block or three more bathrooms can appeal in any location. But the outdoor space, Maine is vast, unspoiled, not crowded and the fourth lowest crime state. kennebunkport maine photo

Lots to like in Maine beyond the 5-3-1 room count. It is what happens around the outside of the feature rich house or home or camp or cottage.

Put up a yurt, a tiny house, sleep in your car or couch surf.

It's all good in Maine, the way life should be.

Come as you are but prepare to be changed and not stay the same as it ever was before crossing the big green bridge on the southern tip.

What does the small Maine town want from the out of the area brand new or returning, relocated real estate buyer?

Volunteer, give back, pitch in and find your spot under the Maine sun. The reward in being needed, having the time to contribute as you gain control of your daily activities is just as special as the clean air, fresh water and all this drop dead gorgeous scenery in Maine that comes free with every property listing you consider owning and wonder how it would change your life. Get to Maine, don't keep her waiting, isn't it time to make the move?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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What The Real Estate Buyer Does For Fun With Property.
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