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6 Ways To Guarantee A Lousy Online Real Estate Experience.

Buyers and sellers of real estate, they look to the professionals to identify, to clear cut the obstacles.

To expertly lay down the path from realistic pricing to marketing the listing, to helping obtain financing, working to find solutions to obstacles on anything from anyone that comes up along the way to fishing for buyers sellers maine photoget everyone to the real estate closing.

Sometimes bloodied, weary from extensions to satisfy all the layers of players surrounding the real estate listing to sale process.

But fish or cut bait is the Maine expression.

No time to whine. Just have to buck up, deal best with the red flags and not wave the white ones of surrender.

For hard earned success, never let up results, the right navigation to a completed real estate property closing.

Today more than ever, the online real estate website experience better be smooth, helpful, complete. Here are 6 ways to guarantee just the opposite.

1) Make your website navigation over complicated, for black belt surfers and as confusing as possible so the user bolts. Don't use clear as bell descriptive labels or helpful breadcrumbs to mark the path. Keep it all vague, cloak hidden for your user and search engine bots.

2) Just focus on property listings only, don't offer community information of any kind to limit your audience to only local buyers. Don't educate, avoid setting expectations or building trust blogging on the many elements of  real estate listing and selling agents and brokers deal with daily.

3) For a lousy online real estate experience, make sure your website ranks poorly, attracts few visitors, that no one returns for more of whatever made them bounce so quickly if they found you on radar at all.

4) Use few images and make them very small, dark, narrow and uninteresting, not helpful. Use no video, no plat maps, floor plans, make the narrative short, mostly cliche buzz words and each property listing to sound an awfully lot like the last one, the next one.

5) Make it more time wasted getting less information, fewer properties explored from an outdated slow clunky website. Saturate your users top end website device monitor with obnoxious screen fulls of bottomless propaganda to scroll on and on about how much integrity, trustworthiness, awards and designations the self absorbed site owner has. While forgetting the mission vision to serve up information using all the senses and for amplification on social media outlets and display on mobile devices.

6) Avoid identifying and offering solutions to real estate needs. Don't inspire, or be creative or seek engagement to get results. Forget real estate website monitoring with time bent over your Google webmaster console. So you have no idea what needs fixing based on study of your real estate user's habits and oblivious to why and where the MIA drop off interruption happens over and over.

(More questions and answers to website design, architecture flow and what should be getting attention in your real estate website.)

There you have 6 ways to guarantee a  lousy online real estate experience.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers,  ME REALTOR | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 24 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • January 20 2017 04:38AM
6 Ways To Guarantee A Lousy Online Real Estate Experience.
Buyers and sellers of real estate, they look to the professionals to identify, to clear cut the obstacles. To expertly lay down the path from realistic pricing to marketing the listing, to helping obtain financing, working to find solutions to… more
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