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Luxury Property Real Estate Listings In Maine.

Luxury property real estate listings in Maine, the list of features are very different than something for sale in an urban market.

What is considered a luxury property listing in Maine is not on the 52nd floor of a high rise condominium or housing cooperative apartment. It is usually a given that lots of land, space around what is for sale in Maine is part of the real estate magic of a listing. Or has an exclusive location in some exotic remote location. exotic luxury real estate photo

In a city, having an exclusive parking spot for your high end ride included in property offering,  or a view of the harbor, not being in the cold dark shadows of all those very tall buildings come in to play.

When the buyer considers which one to target in the very expensive luxury property real estate listings inventory. High security adds to the piece of mind for the property buyer when you are talking luxury real estate for sale. In a Maine real estate sale, when Vacationland ranks 4th lowest for crime, it is a given that you don't need to hide behind a dead bolt. To carry a taser and protect your loved one's personal safety.

Luxury real estate listings nationwide usually are a step above of the rest of the herd of properties for sale because space is pretty scarce and always comes at a high price premium.

Inside and outside of a listing. Not that way in Maine so shake your Etch O Sketch and draws lines showing plenty of elbow room inside and out of a real estate listing in Maine. Wildlife is a given too. No traffic, no noise or long delays moving around in stop and go slow shuffling on feet or the freeway is makes Maine so so different real estate wise and in all other lifestyle aspects. Think Mayberry not Manhattan helps the shift.high end luxury real estate listing photo

Unfortunately eight of our ten real estate buyers live in a city. Not my choice but tied to the jobs and simple economics.

But given their druthers, a move, relocation to a Maine luxury property real estate listing in Maine is what a large portion of the pack want to achieve before they go six feet under and start pushing up daisies.

To own a luxury real estate listings, with what is considered a luxury being the norm in Maine when talking space, less people, fewer problems in the day to day hassle. Less is more in Maine where everything is the way life should be.

So luxury property real estate listings in Maine... need a few examples of what is currently hot off the griddle and being served up that are pretty tasty?

Consider 80 acres bordering water front, Moose Brook in Ludlow Maine real estate farm listing with two homes for sale. The original farmstead, the new modern contemporary real estate listing in Aroostook County. Get the images, room count and sizes, all the feature details, watch video for 867 / 875 Ludlow Road Ludlow Maine real estate listing link.

 luxyry home on a maine lake photoOr if being on a point of Maine lake land for a luxury property real estate listing setting is the cat's meow for you, double tap, slide, sit back.

Take a spin on whatever real estate connection device you are now driving and feel the most comfortable in the relay of information.

Watch, listen to the full motion with natural sound video.

Learn more about 52 Salmon Lane New Limerick Maine luxury lake home listing new to the real estate market.

Or consider a one floor home luxury property real estate listings in Maine. Check out the granite patio, fireplaces, marble, tile and exclusive single family residential Northern Maine luxury listing video.


Just a few suggestions to consider and mull over when talking high end,  luxury real estate in Maine.

We have more, depth in the inventory too so custom made property searches no problem. Here to serve you best. The open house video tours really get you thinking about making the move, waking up from the dream about someday spending your life in Maine. So hopefully we can help you well in your property needs. No matter what type of luxury property real estate listings in Maine you are after, consider us the source for the high end of what's available on the current market.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Luxury property real estate listings in Maine, the list of features are very different than something for sale in an urban market. What is considered a luxury property listing in Maine is not on the 52nd floor of a high rise condominium or housing… more
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