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Real Estate Help Desk | What's Your Property Problem?

If you and I were gypsies, nomads, pretty much slept under the stars with all we own carried around in our back packs.

Born under a wandering star. In the back of a Greyhound bus. Housing would not be such a big deal. Our next meal, staying warm or dry, avoiding being eaten, taking a bath once in a while in a lake or river. Pretty much sums it up as we hit the trail. Just can't wait. Are on the road again as Willy and the boys for sale in maine photo

The home needs would not change and the debate McMansion or McCotttage would not be aired out in the open.

But the reality of life is you and I DO need housing. And what works best for the sticks and bricks changes dramatically.

Our home, it's features and location, condition impacts the quality of our life.

Boy, how just an extra half bath could save fist fights and hollering as you min van herd the kids to school in the morning or off to dance, hockey, work, a long list of other activities through out the day and night.

So like Lucy without the nickel for advice, you are at the real estate desk. (Ding ding ding like the Bates Hotel).

You want real estate service, you have a property problem.

You need to get a roof, four walls. Maybe you have to unload another home before you venture into a new house. Or there is a divorce brewing, health problems mean no more stairs for you and your aching back. Maybe stork deliveries are coming at you like asteroids or more than one at a time. Can you say Irish twins, I knew you could.houses for sale in houlton me photo

Job promotions, re-locations, estate sales and let's buy a dirty but nice Mister Fix It to repair, clean up and flip just for the fun of it.

Hopefully to make a profit on from all the joint compound sanding and picking just the right combination of interior/exterior house colors. Don't forget to bake some brownies just before real estate showings. Everybody knows that right?

What's your property problem is different for everyone.

As a real estate broker, the sooner I realize we are not all alike in what we need for housing, the better job I can do. That starts with listening, putting myself in the moccasins of the next real estate land line or cell phone caller, email-er, texter, agency lobby visitor. Or that we bump into out in the community events worked in our neat town of Houlton Maine.

Right now what is your specific real estate situation, what dreams and financial limits do we have to work with today? I have found my job over the last 38 years has evolved from real estate salesman to more of a property listing matchmaker. The seller has this, the buyer needs that. But timing more than the three "L"'s of location chanted trumps it all. It is all about the bass, the bass, the bass line facts thumping in the background of the real estate problem. Short sales and foreclosures in real estate happen. Sometimes owner financing help is the only way to pull off the property sale. maine photos

"Here is what I need, here is what I can afford" if lucky enough to quality for a home loan mortgage."

Or to have the cash to plop down for cash and carry quickly because a clock is ticking loudly. ASAP. Pronto. Quick like a bunny.

Please help me create if I don't already have one scrawled out to hand you. The list of what I want, what I do not want in the search for a home for sale in the Houlton Maine area

I love the job of helping Maine real estate buyers and sellers that our Aroostook County office has the pleasure of working with day in and out.

You meet the neatest people from all over the World if the marketing ray is strong and long. In time, kids of kids that you listed and sold property for are in the pack of who to help. That is an honor, a real privilege listing and selling Maine real estate. 

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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