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The Other Side Of The Pillow Is Cool....

Ever think you were the only one that knew something?  Ask the older folks...the ones over 70 secrets to life...what they have learned.  You will hear common themes and if you really try to implement them into your life strategy, you could save some steps.  On marriage, older couple will tell me the secret to the long, good one is three words..."I Love You?" no , (smiling) when things are heated..."Dear...Probably right".  Or others have said "I have her right where she wants me".  In the process of showing property and riding sometimes an afternoon with a couple, you learn about them, life and share more than just property information. | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 0 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 03 2007 02:43PM
The Other Side Of The Pillow Is Cool…
Ever think you were the only one that knew something? Ask the older folks… the ones over 70 secrets to life… what they have learned. You will hear common themes and if you really try to implement them into your life strategy, you could save some… more
Telecomuting To Work.. (Bring That Job With You To Maine)
Have a couple from Texas who the wife's boss did not want to see move to Maine. She brought her job with her. She has high speed internet, fax machine and home office. She reports to work a few hours later than she used to.. with time zone… more
Life lessons learned in a potato field…
Everything I learned was from the entry level job as mr. potato picker. From the age of five, children in Aroostook County head to the fields in the darkness of early morning with frost on the ground at times in the fall. Dressed warmly with long… more
Realtors and UPS Driver… A Lotta Similarities!
The brown truck roars into the parking lot or is double parked with flashers on at the end of the driveway. Door slides open, a slim brown driver hits the pavement covering alot of ground.. looking over balance boxes that they maneuver into… more
Take Your Real Estate Pictures Without Car Mirrors In Them!..
When you take exterior pictures… do you just lean out the window, with the mirror in the picture and shoot into the sun and say "good enough"? Or do you take when the sun is behind you, and when you get up the energy to get out of the… more
Sell the sizzle… not just the steak…
In advertising write ups.. short sentences, questions that appeal to the needs/wants/desires of the reader or viewer and lots of adjectives that nail it. Fantastic, panoramic, sportsman's paradise, blah blah blah. Have some fun… "Take this… more
You are what you drive… (Not necessarily)…
A Big black hummer cruises into your office parking lot. This driver can afford anything… all your listings. Not necessarily. He or she may want this elegant Victorian… but a quick trip to the bank and suddenly they make 7 digits… but spend 7… more
Remove The "I" "I" "I" from your…
From the time you were as tall as the kitchen table top, you were told over and over in school to go easy on the "I" in your writing. Try not to start sentences with "I". Kinda like salt… go easy on the the stuff… more
Everyone Loves A Parade (Marching Band Music Playing Loudly)…
You sponsor a little league team… a hockey team, soap box derby racers… right? You should. You make your money in the little burg or big city and need to sponsor youth in the many outlets available to you. Its fun, you open your sphere of… more
Two Birds, One Rock Thrower (squinting taking aim… )
Picture this. You have an appointment at four pm to show the little bungalow with the picket fence and rotweiler this afternoon. Don't forget the piece of bologna for Spike. But while you are there, plan appointment number two… more