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Remove The "I" "I" "I" from your propaganda.....

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From the time you were as tall as the kitchen table top, you were told over and over in school to go easy on the "I" in your writing. 

Try not to start sentences with "I".  Kinda like salt...go easy on the the stuff.  Run your peepers over the rainer's contributions..and the subsequent website for some.  You get the idea some of our esteemed colleagues are close to the center of the universe with the world revolving around super agent.  If the major 180 shift is to "You" "You"  and what you get, what you want, what your family desires is the emphasis along with actual property and area information being the key...there is no need or room for ego venting.  So many lead ins on ads are how great the broker is who is peddling the property...where's the beef? 

You have six seconds on the net to tell me why I should stay at your site or read your praise for yourself...or I will go elsewhere to find property info.

  If you are trying to get a seller's attention...rather than "I" "I" "I" have this award or that citation...just have a super, simple site with lots of valuable info, lots of images that load fast, lots of links to schools, stuff that people want.  Feed the follks you a good job and the hard work will pay off. It's what others say about you that matter...not your own opinion that counts.  Just do the job of promotion of property...not just plastering your cheesy grin over 80% of your ad space.  Come back down to earth where the rest of your brokers, buyers, sellers live.  Regardless of your profession, and even in your private life, ditch the over use and self centeredness of "I","I", "I".

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Comment balloon 0 commentsAndrew Mooers • January 30 2007 07:59AM
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