Maine Real Estate For Sale !


What About Garages, Shops, Barns ... Not Just ME Homes For Sale!

In lots of real estate markets the agents list and sell homes. Just houses.

Houses of all sizes and types are placed on the MLS carousel of new listing inventory for the real estate cake walk. But the majority of their real estate brokerage practice is just housing. Maybe a house lot or vacant land once in awhile. Or multi unit housing apartment rental house. But still a house, variation on the residential marketing of property listings. maine farm building barn shop photo

In rural Maine real estate markets, move over homes.

The agents, brokers in Maine are not one trick real estate ponies.

Not just about the houses for sale in Maine.

Land, lots of acreage served up with the house listings in Maine. The back yards are not surrounded by high privacy fences protecting a few feet of grass.

It is hundreds of feet, thousands even and acreage of Maine land to go with the house for sale. And real estate buyers want to know about buildings. All of them in the collection beyond just an attached garage. Because snow happens and people need working space for their small business enterprises. barn in maine interior photo

The focus opens wide and the buyers say "ahhhh .. what about the out buildings?"

To add to the discussion on property. To include the garages, shops, barns, the guest camps, machine sheds, shops, all the out buildings and the land needed for the available lifestyle recreation options.

They want to restore a classic Corvette, GT 500 Mustang, SS Camaro. Or the home owner already has a cream puff fleet collection of cars needing to be put under cover. They want a wood working shop, other hobby area to have fun in while retirement sets in. And they get used to not chasing the dollar and working full time for once in their life.

Extra buildings, space beyond just what's used for the typical 5-3-1 room count in a house.

Working from home maybe. So telecommuting is big in smaller Maine real estate markets. Space to set up the home office is needed that does not interfere with the living arrangements. Property location site reviews to make sure the Internet connection is speed of thought quick like a bunny. It is critical in the property listing selection process.

Need more than just a house for sale in Maine?

Heard you and here to help. We get it. We got it and you can tour them right now. Tap the links for video tours of properties for sale that are way way more than just house listings. Garages, shops, barns for sale in Maine are a big important topic of conversation in our real estate discussions day and night.


Video, Information Link For Blueberry Farm For Sale In Maine.

Video For Linneus Maine Home, 9 Acres Of Land, Big Shop.

Video For Twice The Garage Space, Quality 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath Maine Home.


So when you are looking for a house for sale in Maine.mooers realty real estate logo

Needing a home to buy, don't just think residential housing. But the all important accessories to the real estate listing. We don't just list and sell houses and that's all she wrote. Get more for less with Maine real estate in small friendly communities where crime and smog is missing, where traffic is nil and you can see brilliant skies of twinkling stars at night! Maine is the way life should be.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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