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Low Cost Homes Needing Repairs, The Ten Foot Pole Mark Kind.

Not everyone is up to the task of fixing what ails a low cost home needing repairs.

The kind loaded with ten foot pole marks riddling the inside and out. You know, the ones not many want to touch and shy away from in their search for a low cost home. You see them in the online filtering slice and dice search especially on the lower end bargain bin of what's for sale. We all do it.. Looking for how low can you go in any real estate market inventory of current listings.

Bottom of the barrel. Barely with a pulse. Open to the elements. Neglected, abused, ridden hard and put away wet homes with all the signs of decay and the damage long deferred maintenance causes. These black and blue homes stand out like a sore thumb mixed in with the other pretty pictures and rosy write ups on the search for what's for sale in the local real estate market. They are hard to miss. When a real estate agent has to show them up close and personal, these tough properties come with sweet and sour smells. Not the good kind you look forward to sitting down in a Chinese restaurant. Oooh oooh that smell like the Skynyrd song wails.

These are the low cost homes for saleneeding repairs that show better when you have a major head cold in the walk through property tour.

The ones where you remind everyone to watch where they step. That need flashlights, are not heated, that were lived in last by hoarders. That might have critters still living here that can be easily startled when they feel threatened and exposed. Have you had all your shots and are they up to date is asked to the home buyers in tow by the real estate agent leading the charge.Lipstick on a pig low cost homes photo

But price conquers all if you can get beyond the how did this happen. The house roof that started to leak and no one noticed, or cared or had the money to address way back when. This motely crew of misfit low end properties. What a mess to some. What an housing opportunity for others that have the DIY skill set and know just exactly what is needed.

These low cost homes for sale needing repairs.

The bring it back to life, fix it and flip it individuals who scoop them up know their way around a carpenters, plumbers, electrician, etc toolbox. Or have a pretty good connection to others, the more experienced in the building trades folks that do.

Maybe it is a family project that drives the purchase of less than up to snuff homes with issues. Everyone that's related rallies around to bring the sticks and bricks back to life. To improve the house and make it better than it was. Not applying lipstick on a pig but sincerely out to use the collective resources to straighten out the property flaws.

Far from perfect but better than nothing. That's how the low cost homes needing repairs are viewed. Like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, this one has potential all involved agree. Or this home needing work is all we can afford so let's just all pitch in. To make it better than it was taking many slow steps at a time. Glad to be just crawling out of the rent rut into the ranks of home ownership. In a place pretty much worked on for life to transform it into the "home sweet home" everyone seeks. 

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