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(Johnny Nash In Back Ground) Help Real Estate Buyers, Sellers See Clearly.

The road ahead, when it is a real estate sale needed, lots of excitement happens.

The good and bad kind of emotion because "it is hard telling not knowing". The what to do and when is what a real estate professional helps establish. The expectations, the education of the process from listing through marketing to the sit down real estate closing. maine baxter parks mount katahdin photo

My favorite song of all time is Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now".

Not many songs out there that work best to get you to the other side of a problem, a challenge, a lesson.

Jimmy Cliff's version adds a bit of the island life, feeling like you are in the tropics which is good too. Liza Minnelli, The Hothouse Flowers, not doing so much in stirring up the insides in a good way.

Buyer's of real estate need guidance and preparation to make a purchase happen.

But the sellers of real estate, they need to be involved in a little discussion too. So they can see clearly now. Yeah Mon. Everything gonna be alright. Because it is a bright, bright, sun-shiny day. The real estate sale should not be painful. Although we have be hired to do real estate rehab on botched listings, sales too. Finding out where it hurts, finding the source of the pain is often just the process like it or not.

A seller or buyer that have not been exposed to the fun and games, the chutes and ladders of today's real estate sale process are in for a real eye opener.

Sure the real estate professionals try to make it look seamless, easy. Spotting the red flags, avoid the quicksand. But lots of layers of players keep everyone on their toes. Make it an obstacle course. Like a pinball machine to flip the silver solid steel ball. T stay in the game, to use the bumpers to guide the rack up of points. (Ding ding ding, silence, then loud click of free game sound).

No one left out.

Everyone brought within ear range, full view and easy eye shot. Brought in for a real estate intervention. To open it up, see and talk about what the hold up is, where all the snags are. To get everyone into the discussion on their role in the real estate listing sale dog and pony. To let folks get on with their lives. To cause a real estate property sale to happen.

Read more on the article "Selling Your Home, What To Remember For Property Owners."

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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