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Real Estate Videos | New Listings For Sale In Maine.

Real estate videos show and tell best.

Buyers looking for new listings for sale in Maine are very busy and don't have time to fool around. Anyone that has moused, tap tapped, swiped and maneuvered around a mega website like Amazon knows you can easily filter out the color, size, price. Then quickly scan what you came into the cyber big box store to hit and run track down. To toss with a simple series of clicks to land it into the shopping cart. Then beeline to the check out to cash up and head back to the long list of other line items on the to do list. To move on to the many other daily life demands all of us juggle in over booked calendars. 

Real estate videos are the easy way to show and tell when your buyer is far away or for even those live and local.

Getting in from the curb quick and easy means more properties are toured and each and every current listing gets the eyeball more than once or twice like most actual physical walk troughs. No matter if the buyer is clicking through what's available today for Maine land or a waterfront vacation home or commercial rental property, video does the marketing heavy lifting best. No matter what time or day or weather.

Video delivers best on property listings for sale. The desktop or hand held mobile user gets what they came in for loud and clear. Help yourself and come back for more of the explanation of the buy and sell process, to learn about local lending, anything happening in the community where the property listing is located. Saving time, not wasting money running the roads to pay for motels, tolls, restaurant bills every time a new listing shows up on real estate radar.

The consumer making the biggest purchase most ever consider wants and needs that short cut for the visual, the audio detail video delivers.

Video links of properties for sale on You Tube, other portals can be shared on all the social media channels. The You Tube channel link emailed to consumers to watch and listen to them when they have a few minutes. That connection and engagement makes it all happen now without any further delay. Which leads to more confidence in buying, more sales because doubt is removed when the property buyer likes what they see and hear online.

houlton me little league mooers realty phot The exposure thanks to the ease of video sharing increases as folks like what they see.

They let loved ones and friends know of something they think the other might enjoy knowing about at the moment. 

And the video shot, edited, rendered and uploaded all over the Internet clears the way to take an on demand property tour trip or two of what's available in the current market inventory.To figure out what fits their needs and budget best at the time when the buyer is on the hunt for something to purchase to fix a problem. The You Tube video showcases the area and the other end of the signal connection can get a sense of what would it be like if I buy here, lived here, moved here? How would my life be different, how would my family benefit, etc. 

Today's professional agent or broker needs to be ready when the customer is and no longer is it limited to Monday through Friday or on a 9 AM to 5 PM short window of opportunity to get what they need for highly important information.

andrew mooers maine realtor photoVideo does not just get used for property tours but local events and the community flavor quality of life gets added to the channel where all the productions are careful arranged like a clearly marked vending machine of local knowledge.

No giant portal like a tall slow moving David can compete with the low to the grass roots, local agent or broker who knows the home town happenings a little David can sling shot.

A local professional helps the real estate buyer or seller best because this is where they live, they have the experience that is needed to make the best property listing buying decisions.   Our our You Tube channel I find 10 to 10:30 at night is the peak time for browsing. Interesting huh? 

Here's a look at the videos for real estate in Maine where we live work and play. I invite you into our channel, to like a video or two and hopefully subscribe to be in the pipeline for new real estate listings in Maine! 

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Real estate videos show and tell best. Buyers looking for new listings for sale in Maine are very busy and don't have time to fool around. Anyone that has moused, tap tapped, swiped and maneuvered around a mega website like Amazon knows you can… more
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