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The Adjustment Listing Selling Real Estate Working Around Coronovirus

In rural Maine, the adjustment listing selling real estate working around coronovirus is easier. Less people, fewer problems is a big part of it.

Being almost in Canada another benefit and away from the hot spots for the COVID 19. The past history of dealing with challenging winters and relying on our local economy warming up or cooling off depending on what happens out of state. We get used to simple living that is the most rewarding. The day to day is practical, common senses and flying by the seat of your pants happens less. Maine people in small towns are down to Earth and have their heads screwed on straight.

maine farm horsesMaine. More hands on and self reliant small town living.

Locals and vacationers definitely blessed with the ability to be outdoors all four season. To dig in and enjoy being out on a lake, fly fishing a stream or river. Or tramping the woods hiking, hunting, or just exploring. In all this unspoiled space called Mother Nature.

Some think Maine is too remote and isolated.

I say we are insulated  in a good way. Due to the distance away from large population centers where the cost of living is higher and space to do it is limited and expensive. So small, way up here and unspoiled. That's a good thing. But the pay scale, like the cost of living is smaller too. You get less dependent on money and more on yourself to dig in and do it yourself. Or locals will help you and you return the favor.

million dollar view weston maine

And now coronovirus is one more big game changer to the getting around each day.

The belt tightening living on less and being house bound which we already do now. We like our homes, spend lots of time there anyway. Not because of government ordered shelter in place or working from home and on or not on the essential services list. But that will be difficult if you are not so lucky living in a crowded city setting and feeling the pinch.

Lucky especially to be a small rural Maine real estate broker marketing property listings during this coronovirus pandemic.

mt katahdin maine

Lock down, shut down, sheltering in place... the work from home is nothing new when the office and home are only separated by 32' feet.

We already made the one trip to the grocery store a week and not all the side trips for a few items here and there. Our recreation and exercising fun is no or low cost. Heating with wood we process ourselves, lots of our food farm to table home grown too already happens.

Yesterday uploaded a video for a property in Amity Maine, log cabin with 26 acres of land on a dead end road.

In a town of under 200 people in a six by six mile dimension parked right on the Canadian border. He saw the video in a search engine index within a hour of being uploaded down in Boston MA. He called his mom who would be helping him buy and who lives in Indiana to tell her about the place, the new listing. She answered the phone telling him right off the bat she was just reaching for the phone to reach out to talk about the same video. The same one he had seen and both talked about what they saw.

The real estate video was shot Saturday afternoon during melting snow, sunshine strong on a beautiful end of winter Maine day.

Edited, rendered, uploaded yesterday morning. Over 1100 views, 77 likes, 1 not so sure the other way. Here's more on that new Maine listing. The easy way to learn about it is with real estate video.

Living in small country areas of the country are way less strained than crowded sections of the country struggling to do the work around due to COVID19. As for how do we make our job easier, safer? Videos along with other measures. Read the full article on marketing during coronovirus, lucky to be a small rural Maine broker.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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In rural Maine, the adjustment listing selling real estate working around coronovirus is easier. Less people, fewer problems is a big part of it. Being almost in Canada another benefit and away from the hot spots for the COVID 19. The past history… more
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