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Homesteading In Maine, Living Off The Land.

Homesteading in Maine.

Living off the land. Making your living from the working the dirt, Mother Earth. The number of new young micro farmers in Maine is off the chart compared to other areas of the nation. Maine farmland is about the cheapest in the Northeast too. The per unit cost of Maine land acre is a sweet component but the richness, fertility of the soil is part of the real estate bargain.

homesteading maine farm propertiesEver thought about living off the land, managing pasture fields and putting up fences for the homestead livestock?

Collecting eggs from the hens who put themselves to bed each night. And depend on you to keep them from becoming a chicken dinner for a sneaky fox looking for a quick in and out of the hen house?

The lifestyle homesteading in Maine is a rich experience for young families.

Where everyone benefits and works together in whatever chores in any season needs tending by all the family members. I grew up on a Maine farm, own a 300 acre homestead that enriches my life. Lucky to have a son, daughter in law and grand daughter living on the farmstead and enjoying it as much as I did growing up in Aroostook County.

farmstead in maine photo

Some folks would rather play at homesteading, farming in Maine on a small scale more as a hobby.

Being more of a gentlemen farmer and usually with a "ticket". Someone has a real steady job or an income source to "play" at farming and where the approach is for more fun than business.

Gleaning the perks of the lifestyle by saying renting out the land but in the thick of things.

Watching the spring planting, the fencing, the cultivation and harvest operations. All the farming activities that the real agricultural producer is doing on the lease of the land for so much an acre on a yearly basis. Homesteading, living off the land in Maine. That thought or approach to life entered your head of late, especially during the COVID19 Pandemic? Get away, stay socially distanced and happy as a clam #alonetogether in Aroostook County.

Are you in the real estate search category for a property listings more for large vegetable and flower gardens but not acres and acres of farm land?

If so, check out this amazing property listing in Northern Maine that just hopped on the MLS conveyor belt in current inventory to seriously consider.

maine farmette property listing photoOver the last forty one years, I have personally listed, marketed, sold a slew of farm properties in Maine.

All sizes, locations and types but this one gets perfect "10" scores and lots of oohs and ahhs from the real estate audience. Just listed and worth your time and attention to try it on and consider a move, relocation to Northern Maine. The sellers spent a lot of energy, creative spirit and way in excess of the price tag to create what you find for sale at 1472 Oxbox RD Oxbow ME. Back in the 1900's, it was where the local school children learned their three "R"'s. Hear the story, tour the place NOW with the magic of real estate video.

Watch video of a 7 acre farmette property in Aroostook County, Oxbow Maine.

It's hard work, homesteading and living off the land no picnic and your hands get dirty.

There is weather that is unpredictable just like the markets for whatever you raise. But self sufficiency, being independent, resourceful and highly creative are their own reward living on a Maine farm in New England. But yes, by Tuesday noon you can have already racked up the standard forty hour week. Searching for a Maine farm property to homestead?

Homesteading in Maine. Read full blog post article on homesteading, living off the land in Maine.

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Homesteading In Maine, Living Off The Land.
Homesteading in Maine. Living off the land. Making your living from the working the dirt, Mother Earth. The number of new young micro farmers in Maine is off the chart compared to other areas of the nation. Maine farmland is about the cheapest in… more
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