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Looking To Retire, Move To Maine And Just Need Land?

Are you looking to retire, move to Maine and searching for land?

maine moose photoMaybe you have the home in your head you want to build. That is everything you lacked in the other homes of your life up until now.

Your needs change for housing too as life calls for down sizing and one floor please.

So many buyers of Maine real estate are after land just property acreage for a particular lifestyle pleasure pursuits.

The land buyers will use the property for a low cost vacation destination. To explore Maine until ready to retire.

Here's a new to the market piece of land in Maine for sale ideal for vacation use and the down the road retirement move.

The moose checking out the game camera is saying hello. Caught reaching for a towel after a little dip in Brackett Lake to cool off.

See your 5th wheel camper hooked up to the water and septic and power on the land in Maine?

Your camper trailer would be a lot happier pulled up to Maine. Instead of stuck sinking into your back yard.S-P-R-E-A-D   aurstrean travel trailler photoO-U-T! There is a road down to the Maine lake front across this elevated 50.7 acres of land.

Take a hike, saddle up the four wheel ATV or old Nellie. To head down to the water where you'll have fun floating your boat.

Wetting your line for a fresh fish dinner. Skating on ice playing pond hockey.

The apple orchard on this well manicure Maine Land pasture field thrives on the rich soil around it

Fertile soil loaded with natural nutrients to grow anything from rows of crops to raising fenced in critters. Go organic, living off the land homesteading! Have a small truck gardening stand with this US RT 1 location. Peddle produce, collect eggs, raise beef and tend rows of vegetables you plant, cultivate and harvest. There is no better life for peace of mind and knowing what you eat that's farm to table fresh and wholesome for your health.

Garage space for your toys all in place on 859 US RT 1 Weston Maine that's located in the jaw dropping Million Dollar View region of Aroostook County.

maine farm land in weston photoQuonset hut, another garage, paved parking, more concrete slab foundation established to expand,

Make it just right for your real estate needs on vacation, for retirement.

(Psst.....! (Whispering) We have to remind you again the listing for land in Maine is smack dab on the waterfront.) get six hundred and fifteen feet on Brackett Lake! Purr-fect property for a vacation investment and a retirement moving to Maine solution at the same time.

Watch video for 50.7 acres of land in Weston Maine real estate listing. 


Like what you see but still have questions on the land in Maine listing?

Don't swallow them. Ask away and maybe more supplied by million dollar view lake region of mainethis helpful link on Weston Maine is just what you need. So good for you.

You a looking to retire, move to Maine and just need land listings.

Here's the link to Maine land, all of it in lots of locations, difference price ranges and types.

Maine is the way life should be.

Invest, dream, make the retirement move to Maine with the land bought first you want. For the easy does it, go slow and shopping around for a deal on materials and quality craftsmen to lend a hand. To get the best fit in a home you can afford that you build a lot of it yourself to get what you need.

Over the last four decades of listing and selling Maine real estate it never fails.

We see it often. It happens a lot. Is this you? After a month of being in retirement mode, boredom sets in. Developing a "give me something to do" haunting look in their eyes. Needing a fix to replace the hole forty hours of work causes a person's life. Lots of folks recently retired desperately need a project big time. They hanker a big piece of Maine land on water, say a Maine lake. A home sweet home to build from the rolled out blueprints. Shelter projects to  putter on to help  ease the transition from full time work go go go easing into retirement mode.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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