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Besides Real Estate Listings, Property Buyers Need More Information!

The slice and dice A-Z on property listings, real estate buyers need  way more than room count and their sizes.

The features and condition of what is for sale is critical and must be delivered quick and easy. It better be complete and more than what other portals provide. But besides the details on the sticks and bricks, what else is just as important? If water is connected, the whole nine yards about a big crystal clean Maine lake could be the first order of business when promoting property. The lifestyle of fishing, being out on the water in a boat propeled by paddles or a motor hanging off the back or harnessing the wind summer breeze. Details surrounding the property are pretty critical information to uncover and expose for the real estate buyer looking for Maine property. maine realtor andrew mooers broker photo

But jobs. What is going to fund this move to Maine means employment is key. Because unless the buyer is purchasing a low cost vacation property, or retired or a trust fund baby or telecommutes and brings their job with them that is worked remotely, etc. Then the what are we going to do for work employment job up there is Maine is a pretty big question to answer.

To move from just dreaming about buying real estate to actually pulling the trigger. To being handed the clear to close memo for a sit down or through the mails honest to goodness Maine real estate closing. So you can tell your friends you own a piece of ME.

Here is a popular blog post on employment, jobs in Houlton Maine which gets a lot of use and saves everyone time because it is loaded with options, the contract numbers and much more when hunting for area work.

Lucky to live, work and play in Houlton Maine, the Victorian border town where Interstate 95 connects with the Trans Canada that leads to the Atlantic Maritime provinces.

southern aroostook county maine photoLearn more about the early history of Houlton Maine, County seat for Aroostook. Are you thinking of investing in recreational land in Maine first... to get your real estate buying feet wet with a small purchase for cheap vacation use?

Are you thinking of bailing out of the stressful city living and just want to secure your piece of land in Maine first? So you have it all established, to know where you are headed when the coast is clear?

The motivation to relocate, to move to Maine is a strong one as you sample some of the eye candy.

No gangs, no drive by shooting turf wars, no bumper to bumper traffic with feisty motorists waving their fists and making hand gestures. Gets a night sky full of brilliant stars, wildlife, scenery, four seasons outdoor simple living. Walk... not run away from your urban landscape kind of day to day because that is not healthy living. That is so so not Maine.

Small farm properties, just land is a big part of our Maine rural real estate business operation. Big homes, small one floor smaller easier to manage houses. Vacant land, something with stands of timber. Waterfront, multi unit apartment housing or small Mom and Pop business listings? You have some decisions to make in the real estate selection that fits your needs best at this stage of your life.

maine waterfront real estate photoMOOERS REALTY stocks the shelves on all the property listing types, prices, locations. In close to four decades of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate we have seen a few markets, learned a many skills to help you locate a property, to sell the one you have now.

Hassle free, listing and selling real estate in Maine should be fun, educational and not a nightmare that drags on and one. It all starts by us listening, you providing what the real estate mission needs for a Maine property solution.

When you are ready. Pummel us with questions and your concerns so we can start the process to be helpful providing the best answers possible. 

Maine is four season pure and natural. She is drop dead gorgeous and very patient. Give us the details, sketch for us what you want to do that involves Maine real estate and let's partner up to find the best real estate solution together.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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The slice and dice A-Z on property listings, real estate buyers need way more than room count and their sizes. The features and condition of what is for sale is critical and must be delivered quick and easy. It better be complete and more than what… more
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